Types of Roofing and Why Metal Roof Is So Popular


Metal roofs offer a variety of benefits that some homeowners simply can’t be without. Let’s take a look at the roofing materials and then deal with metal roofing and some of the reasons it is the most sought-after material for some homeowners.

Types of Rooftop Materials To Choose From 

  • Architectural shingles – These roofs can give your home an amazing appearance like cedar, slate, or tiles. They last for longer than the traditional ones and also guarantee a warranty. These also prevent the growth of algae or mold in moist weather thus keeping your roof brand new with its appearance and performance both.
  • Different-types-of-roof-materialsAsphalt shingles – These rooftops are mostly used by people due to their lesser cost of installation. They are durable and lightweight which also comes in a different range of colors and can last up to 20 years and more.
  • Metal shingles -These are expensive than the traditional asphalt ones and come with more durability. They last for 40 to 80 years and more. When you install metal roofing the worth of your home increased to a larger extent if you opt for reselling.
  • Solar shingles – By the name, you must have got some idea about its performance. These types of roofing were not there initially. However, due to an increase in technology, these have come in to picture. When you choose solar roofing you also install solar panels which save your electricity thus preventing you from paying heavier electricity bills every month. The life span of this can be lesser when compared to others but you can definitely give it a try.
  • Rubber shingles – These are quite affordable for almost everyone around. They don’t get wearied away easily due to rotting, discoloration, denting, and molding. They easily last for 15 to 30 years and are highly energy efficient.
  • Slate shingles– With this you get the benefit of less energy consumption with this. Also, you get a life span of more than 150 years. With the installation of this, you increase your home resale value.


Metal roofs offer an excellent choice for homes because they’re durable. modern-metal-roof-aestheticsHowever, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying a standing seam or shake shingle, aluminum, or steel, for some people there is nothing more attractive than a metal roof. You can find many different styles to suit any taste or budget – from traditional-looking tiles up to modern architectural designs with sleek lines that will make your home stand out in the crowd!


The durability of a roof can have an immense impact on how well it withstands weather and time. Conventional shingles are susceptible to sun damage while also degrading over time due to moisture, among several other factors. This leads many roofs eventually becoming brittle before finally cracking apart. Metal roofs, on the other hand, are almost completely impervious to this type of damage.


Keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient is important to you, which is why so many people invest in metal roofs for their homes. Metal roofing has some advantages over other types when it comes to its energy-efficient qualities:

  • It reflects most of the sun’s light rather than absorbing them like asphalt shingle or wood shakes do.
  • Its reflective coatings help reduce radiant heat buildup inside buildings while also helping keep condensation at bay.


Metal roofs are an excellent choice for anyone looking to help the environment. Unlike asphalt, which is difficult and time-consuming to recycle, this material is not expensive to recycle in comparison with other options available today.